Seth Rollins said that Becky Lynch and Ric Flair have buried the hatchet.

Seth Rollins gives update about Lynch/Ric Flair feud

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Seth Rollins spoke on the Pat McAfee show regarding the feud between Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. He talked about how much he loved and respected Ric Flair. He also addressed the fact that the feud between them is over.

This is what Seth Rollins said, “The beef is squashed between him and Becky Lynch. I’ll put it out there right now. Beef squashed between Ric Flair and Becky Lynch. To be fair, my wife never had beef with Ric. Ric had beef with her and he was man enough to come up to apologize to myself and to her. I thought that was awesome because I love Ric and want to have a ton of respect for him and the fact that he was able to put his ego aside, bygones be bygones. We had a good moment at RAW XXX and he is the Nature Boy, one of the greatest of all time, on the Mount Rushmore of any wrestling list.”

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Becky Lynch, the wife of Seth Rollins, had a longstanding real-life rivalry between Ric Flair and herself. It stemmed from Becky using “The Man” moniker. Ric Flair felt slighted, and at one point spoke about a legal challenge over it. However, Ric Flair approaches Becky at RAW XXX and apologized.

What do you think? Was it about time Ric Flair buries the hatchet?

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