Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky Lashes Out At AEW “Fanbase”

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Scorpio Sky has issues with some AEW supporters.

The moment when MJF chucked a drink on a young child during his Iron man battle with Bryan Danielson went viral, forcing Tony Khan to have a tough chat with his world champion after the program had ended. The former TNT Champion addressed the incident on Twitter.

While many fans believed that MJF shouldn’t have thrown a drink on the child, others applauded him for being a “true heel” in wrestling. This is what prompted Sky to react in anger at these “marks”


I’ll say it if nobody else will, fans/media celebrating a kid being disrespected at a show is the smallest dick energy imaginable.


Thankfully, the young fan and his mother were given free admission to tonight’s AEW Dynamite show and had the opportunity to meet many celebrities backstage.

Sky has been injured and out of commission since 2022. See his tweet down below.


Was there any need for Scorpio Sky do say this?


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