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Saraya says negative fans made her reconsider joining AEW

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Saraya, formally known as Paige, spoke with AEW Unrestricted about how fan reactions made her reconsider joining AEW. She said she made the mistake of looking up what fans said about her and regretted doing it.

Saraya said “I will tell you though, the second week when I did the promo, which wasn’t the best promo I ever did and I was really disappointed in it, I realized how crazy the internet community can be. I even, in my head at that point, was like ‘did I make a mistake coming back? I hadn’t been around the internet wrestling community for a while and I made the rookie move to check it that week, after the second week. My biggest regret was checking it as it made me feel awful.”

I can certainly see how fan reactions can do that to people. Wrestling fans can be a wonderful group, but sometimes they can be an absolutely brutal group too.

Saraya spoke about how she rebounded from it. “I didn’t think (the promo) was that terrible, I didn’t think I did that awful a job, I stumbled on some words, I was just getting into the swing of things, I let nerves get the better of me and that’s on me. But, at one point, I was ‘did I make a mistake?’ and it broke me for a second. I was like ‘no’. I need another opportunity to do a promo. I need it. I know I can get them back. We did the promo with Britt and it was so well received and people loved it. Although, I did get Tokyo Dome and Sumo Hall mixed up. Sorry!”

Well, we’re certainly glad that Saraya has returned to wrestling, regardless of any fan reactions.

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