Saraya Denys Having Plastic Surgery

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Saraya, an All Elite Wrestling star, has denied having extensive cosmetic surgery and retaliated against the peculiar troll fan who made the claims on Instagram.

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Saraya, known to many in the wrestling world as Paige in the WWE fired back against a troll who claimed she underwent plastic surgery.

When Saraya was a member of the WWE, she was more often referred to as Paige.  Saraya wasted no time criticizing the fan on Instagram.

The 30-year-old British star, whose real name is Saraya Jade Bevis, started the online argument when she posted a fresh photo of herself modeling while donning a black swimsuit, a black helmet, suspenders, and leather gloves.

This started a strange debate in the comments when one person called Amanda wrote: “Wait, there’s so much work I thought this was Nikki Bella”.

Multi-time WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella was Saraya’s former colleague during her time in WWE.



Saraya immediately hit back.

She wrote: “First of all, Nikki Bella is hot.

“Secondly, Tell me what I’ve had done Amanda.”

The reply, from the bolshey fan, caused Saraya to go nuclear on her.

She wrote: “Well, since I watched season 1 of (Total) Divas, the chin, the nose, def filler and Botox.

“I mean, it’s obvs, but whatever.”



Saraya screen-shotted the entire conversation and posted it to her stories with the comment: “The fact she thinks I voluntary got myself an ass chin is the best part of all this.

“Sorry @AJBrovont, I’m just gifted with my genetics.

“My nose has always been cute.”

To prove this, she posted another image to her Instagram feed.

The photo she posted was taken when she was just 15 – a full two years after making her in-ring debut at the age of just 14 for her family’s World Association of Wrestling promotion in Norwich.

It shows her posing on what appears to be gym equipment, and she added the message: “Thank god I got that ass chin surgery and cheek filler you say I got.

“Busted – you got me.”

The woman who angered Saraya has since made her own Instagram account private following the obvious fan backlash.


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