Santino Marella

Santino Marella Is D.O.A In Impact Wrestling (VIDEO)

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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella returned to IMPACT Wrestling at tonight’s Hard To Kill 2023 PPV

At this PPV, Moose originally won his match against Joe Hendry for the IMPACT Digital Media Title after hitting a low blow.

However, the new Director of Authority in IMPACT Wrestling was revealed to be Santino Marella and he ordered the match to be restarted. Hendry then defeated Moose to retain the Digital Media Title.

You can watch Santino’s appearance at this PPV below:



Santino Marella said his wrestling days are behind him in November

Santino Marella may be remembered as one of the funniest WWE Superstars ever but has said “my wrestling days are behind me” and he is now content in retirement and plans to remain so. Marella’s had great in-ring comic timing, and his Italian accent made him one of the most memorable characters post the Attitude Era.

However, any fans hoping for a return to action for the former Intercontinental and US Champion will be disappointed to hear that Marella is more or less done with pro wrestling. That is according to the man himself, who recently spoke to Fightful, also mentioned that he preferred doing commentary over wrestling.

“No, I don’t really have a whole lot of interest in wrestling too much, to be honest. I enjoy doing commentary and maybe in the future you’ll see me somewhere as a color commentator, producer or something like that. My wrestling days are definitely behind me in terms of a career. I do it for fun. But I’ve got two small kids at home and I’m staying home and enjoying that as much as possible.”


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