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Sami Zayn gets candid about his future in WWE

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WWE Superstar Sami Zayn is currently one of the hottest topics in WWE. He has been on top of his game since aligning with the Bloodline and Roman Reigns. His character has made the audience stay glued to their TV sets and look forward to the next episode in order to find out what is next.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Sami Zayn spoke about his future in the global juggernaut. Despite being on the main roster for 6 years, Zayn feels that this is just the start of many more good things to come. He also professed that he is absolutely thrilled with what he is doing currently.  Sami Said –



“I’ve only been on the main roster for six years. In some ways, I’m just starting. Maybe I’ve already peaked. I’ve gotten to do so much. It’s been a great career, and I’m totally thrilled with it. Maybe the best is yet to come. But I’m extremely grateful with where I am and what I’m doing.”

Speaking further in the interview, Sami opined that he always gives his 100 percent. He pointed out his focus on minute details as a key factor to his success.

“I can’t give 90%; I can only give 100,” Zayn continued. “It’s focusing on those little details that have got me in trouble before, but it’s also what’s got me this far. Each and every step of the ladder of success in my career, each jump that I took, I was able to stand there. I did that enough times and thought, ‘Why not me?’ So we’ll see what happens next.”

Sami Zayn will be teaming up with the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns to take on John Cena and Kevin Owens on the last episode of SmackDown this year on 30th December.

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