Ryback has never been one to keep quiet

Ryback and Disco Inferno team up to take down ‘despicable’ pro wrestling fans

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Ryback has been quite active on social media ever since his departure from WWE. While, at most times, his points relate to criticizing his former employers and its product, he also occasionally says silly things that get him into arguments with fans.

His latest post was more or less the same, as the former Intercontinental Champion talked about respecting professional wrestlers and slammed so-called “fans” for spreading hate, calling them mentally ill.

Funnily enough, Disco Inferno weighed in on the post, giving his two cents in support of his fellow controversial colleague. The former WCW star claimed they are ‘individuals incapable of appreciating anything since they despise themselves so much.’

Wrestlers and fans don’t always get along, especially when the former has people like Ryback and Disco Inferno putting out some unnecessary things from time to time.

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