Rush officially signs Full Time Contract with AEW

Rush punished for actions at ROH Final Battle

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RUSH has been one of the premier heel wrestlers going around the independent pro wrestling scene today. He has cultivated quite the antagonistic persona, aided by the fact that he answers to nobody and does what he wants.

However, at the recent ROH Final Battle pay-per-view event, the Mexican star went too far and was punished as a result. During his tag team match alongside Dralistico against Blake Christian and AR Fox, which opened the show, Dralistico seemingly kicked out of a pin attempt by Fox, but the referee ended up counting to three.

This enraged the losing duo, who assaulted the winners and the official post the match finish. As a result, RUSH was “fined and suspended,” as shared by Jose the Assistant on social media:

It remains to be seen when and how the heel group returns to ROH TV, but for now, they can concentrate on making the lives of those on AEW hell.

Real Reason why Miro is not seen on AEW Television anymore

Miro’s last appearance in AEW was at All Out when he teamed up with Darby Allin and Sting to beat House of Black all the way back on September 4th. He has not been used since.

According to a report from Fightful, the 37-year-old is ready and waiting to return. However, no creative plans have been presented to him yet.

There were plans for him to sit down and discuss his future creative plans going forward. However, no such conversation has taken place so far.

Tony Khan seems to not want to book his top stars to lose too often. It is quite plausible that since he has no plans for Miro and given how protected the Bulgarian is, he possibly doesn’t want to feature him in not too important storylines where he may have to lose a match or two.


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