Ronda Rousey spoke about her botch with Shotzi.

Ronda Rousey speaks on her Shotzi Botch

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Ronda Rousey spoke about her botch with Shotzi Blackheart. She wrestled Shotzi at Survivor Series, and there was a horrifying and dangerous-looking botch.

This is what Ronda Rousey said, “Let me explain what happened. I actually pitched that spot because I love that she does that. We couldn’t practice in my ring because the ropes are too loose. We couldn’t practice it when we got to the arena because there are these big cages. I’ve taken DDTs before, but I’ve never helped anybody over to the floor, so they were like, ‘Okay, you have to have your hand here on her leg, the other hand on her hip, and you’re going to guide her over.’

Everyone was so focused on ‘guide her over, guide her to the floor,’ that it was literally all that was on my mind when it happened. When she went over it was like, ‘guide her.’ When she was down, I was like, ‘Oh f**k. Ahhh, just go to where you’re supposed to go,'” 

“I f****d it up because I was so concerned with keeping somebody safe and a lot of the time when you see me do something for the first time, it’s the first time I ever did it. I was really concerned with keeping Shotzi safe and I made it look bad. You know what, sorry. Apparently, I deserve to be fired or burned. It reminds me of Monty Python, ‘BURN HER!’ There weren’t calls to fire anybody when Madcap Moss and Big E were spiked on their heads. ‘BURN HER ANYWAY!’ I’m so sorry that I was so concerned with keeping someone safe that I made the bump look bad.”

Does this make things seem better? Are we being to harsh on Ronda?

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