Ronda Rousey returned to WWE TV last night

Ronda Rousey makes WWE TV return on SmackDown

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After a spell away from WWE, Ronda Rousey returned to TV last night on SmackDown to help Shayna Baszler take down Natalya. This is a continuation of the feud that saw Baszler injure The Hart Family member’s nose a few months ago, which seemingly suggests they will collide sooner than later.

A tag match next week has been set
A tag match next week has been set

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Natalya had returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble after recovering from the injury, and on Friday’s show, she had choice words for Baszler. She accused the former MMA fighter of being a copy of Rousey, following which the former NXT Women’s Champion came out to proclaim that she had a career in the promotion way before her good friend and didn’t need her.

This then led to Rousey herself coming to the ring, and after teasing dissension when Baszler appeared to stop her from attacking Natalya, the two banded together to attack Natalya. Even though Shotzi came to help the former Diva’s Champion, she too was overpowered, and later, it was announced that Natalya and Shotzi would battle Baszler and Rousey on SmackDown next week.

Is Ronda Rousey going to have another big win at Wrestlemania?


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