Roman Reigns' rival makes big admission about the WWE Universal Champion

Roman Reigns’ rival makes big admission about the WWE Universal Champion

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Roman Reigns and his special counsel Paul Heyman
Roman Reigns and his special counsel Paul Heyman

King Xavier Woods hailed his rival and Universal Champion Roman Reigns as Mr. Survivor Series during a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Reigns made his main roster debut at Survivor Series 2012 alongside Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley as part of the famous WWE stable, The Shield. Almost a decade later, he is now the face of the company and one of the biggest superstars in the pro wrestling business.

I am above every champion, every team, every brand.

I stand alone at the top…
At the head of MY table.

I exist where I belong…
The Main Event.
The Attraction.
The Last Needle Mover
The Tribal Chief. #SurvivorSeries

King Woods was asked to pick superstars who could be called Mr. Survivor Series. He picked The Tribal Chief for the title despite his intense rivalry with him and even looked back at their history to justify his choice.

“Before you even said anything, you knew who I was gonna say, I am gonna say Roman Reigns. What was it? Was it like the first Survivor Series match he was in? He got 900 eliminations even though there were only five people on the team. I was like, “Good Lord!” And then we (New Day) wrestled them at Survivor Series when they were Shield, and they beat us at Survivor Series. So, yeah, at least in the modern-era, it is Roman Reigns,” said King Woods.

Roman Reigns headlined this year’s Survivor Series when he faced WWE Champion Big E. He was one of two champions from SmackDown who emerged victoriously in the battle for brand supremacy.

You can watch King Woods’ interview in the video below:

Roman Reigns’ recent feud with King Xavier Woods on WWE SmackDown

Reigns was involved in a brutal feud with Woods on WWE SmackDown recently. It all started with The Usos taking multiple shots at King Woods and Sir Kofi Kingston. Things quickly turned hostile between the two long-term rivals, leading to a match where the loser would have to “bend the knee.”

Jimmy Uso lost his bout against Woods and was supposed to bend the knee, but Roman Reigns had other plans. He launched a brutal attack on Kingston. This motivated King Woods to challenge The Tribal Chief to a match once again governed by the stipulation mentioned above.

Woods came close to pinning Reigns on multiple occasions, but the clash ended in disqualification after The Usos interfered. The match finished in a no-contest and it ended Roman Reigns’ winning streak.

However, the Universal Champion still had the last laugh as The Bloodline members launched a vicious attack on King Woods. Following that, Jey and Jimmy Uso crowned Roman Reigns as the king. Although he got his hands on Woods’ precious crown, he later said he doesn’t need such props to establish his superiority on the blue brand.

The storyline also motivated Big E when he faced Reigns in the Survivor Series main event. Unfortunately for the New Day member, he could not beat his SmackDown counterpart.


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