The career of Roman Reigns may have a long time left on it.

Roman Reigns “Cant Be Considered The Greatest In History” – AEW Star

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Roman Reigns versus The Rock is a dream match that fans and wrestlers alike have been discussing, Many believe with WrestleMania 39 taking place in Hollywood, 2023 would be the year to make the match between the cousins happen.

On “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Hardy revealed his thoughts on Reigns‘ lengthy run as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and a possible match between Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania.

“I don’t know if I would say it’s the greatest reign in history yet,” Hardy said. ”

I love what Roman’s doing. I think they’ve really done a great job of booking him in a very smart and sophisticated position.”

When asked about Rock versus Reigns being the biggest match in wrestling, he stated:

“Probably so, from a WWE perspective. I think Cody eventually is going to be a big deal, like him versus Roman.”

Roman Reigns WWE Wrestlemania
Roman Reigns relaxing with his wife



Roman Reigns Working Double Shift At Wrestlemania?


Roman Reigns has been rumored to be working both nights at Wrestlemania.  It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that, “One of the things talked about internally in WWE is for Reigns to wrestle both nights at Mania, with the working ideas being Cody Rhodes and Dwayne Johnson.

“Nothing is definite and actually today the best bet is that it won’t take place like that. There is also talk of splitting up the titles so Raw has a world champion after Mania. “But anything until probably mid-January when plans have to be finalized because of the Rumble for this year just talks.”

Roman Reigns to face The Rock at Wrestlemania

Ringside News has reached out to confirm this story since it would mean that Roman Reigns would wrestle on both shows. That could be quite a situation to unfold on the road to WrestleMania. We are told that this story is not true.

We received confirmation from a seasoned team member that “no mention at all about Roman Reigns wrestling the Rock and Cody on wrestling both nights.”

Ringside News stated last month that The Rock is “almost a lock” for the show of shows. However, Roman Reigns’ place on the WrestleMania roster can still go to his cousin.

John Cena might also appear because Vince McMahon granted him permission to represent WWE as frequently as possible.

At WrestleMania, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin might make another appearance. Although the 39th annual WrestleMania event will be a massive two-night extravaganza, Roman Reigns won’t be competing on both nights.


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