ring of honor final battle

ROH Talent On AEW Rampage Sells PPVS

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AEW President Tony Khan recently joined the Battlegrounds podcast to discuss a wide range of pro-wrestling topics, as well as hype up this weekend’s  (ROH) Ring of Honor Final Battle pay-per-view from Arlington, Texas.

Check out highlights from Khan’s chat below.

Says Dynamite has basically been free of ROH, except for Chris Jericho, who he believes should be on every show:

One thing I’ve tried to do — I think we only have three hours of AEW TV a week — so I’ve tried to limit the Ring of Honor focus on ‘Dynamite’ to the Ring of Jericho. I saw somebody saying they thought there was too much Ring of Honor on ‘Dynamite’ and I thought that was amusing, because there’s almost no Ring of Honor on ‘Dynamite’ in recent weeks except Chris Jericho and frankly Chris Jericho should be on any wrestling show in the world he wants to be on.

Chris Jericho

How he has used ROH talents more on Rampage, and how it helps sell ROH pay-per-views:

On ‘Rampage,’ we have had a variety of [ROH wrestlers] and it’s new wrestlers [for AEW fans] and I think that’s going to be good for our business, because these pay-per-view shows Ring of Honor has done have been really successful for us.

We’ve made good money and the grosses of those shows have been in line for what I paid for the entire business, so I would say it’s been a very successful relaunch.


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