Rob Gronkowski's Super Bowl party

Rob Gronkowski’s Super Bowl party got physical as former WWE stars get involved

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Rob Gronkowski’s pre-Super Bowl party wasn’t your typical get-together with dancing and drinking; instead, a number of mascots stormed the stage, mayhem was caused, and two former WWE Superstars bodyslammed spectators!

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The Phoenix, Arizona, Talking Stick Resort is where Gronk Beach took place on Saturday afternoon. The day began rather ordinarily. The crowded crowd danced and enjoyed themselves as Rob took the stage shirtless and wiggled his ass.

Then, a pair of mascots forced their way onto the stage, causing mayhem similar to an Allstate commercial.

It’s a good thing that TMZ Sports reporter Mojo Muhtadi, a former WWE star, and Samuray Del Sol, a former WWE Superstar named Kalisto, were present to bring () order. In the midst of the stage being covered in bodies, Mojo and SDS started bashing unicorns and gorillas.


The Video below was dropped and full credit was to TMZ sports



Were you at Rob Gronkowski’s Super Bowl party?


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