Why did WWE abandon Rusev day? Road Dogg has some thoughts on the matter.

Road Dogg on what happened with “Rusev Day.”

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Remember Rusev Day? It’s often cited as one of the many moments where something got very popular in WWE, only for the company to ignore it. Road Dogg Jesse James talked about how it got ignored, and forgotten about.

This is what Road Dogg said, “So it’s yes, yes, we saw it. Yes, we saw Rusev Day getting over. I honestly don’t know what happened to Rusev Day. One day, we were pushing it and the next day we weren’t. Honestly, when I say we weren’t pushing it, it didn’t go away. It didn’t just disappear, we just weren’t doing anything with it anymore.”

“Every time I would pitch something it would get shot down. So I don’t know what happened. I’m not going to say anything, because last time I said something, I got a phone call and I’m not gonna have that happen again. But honestly, I don’t know what went down that all of a sudden we stopped running with it because it was going really well.”

Rusev also known as Miro, eventually left WWE for AEW. For a while, he had a great run in AEW where he was “God’s Greatest Champion” but lately he hasn’t been seen match in AEW. It’s been suggested that AEW might be doing as bad with him as WWE. Is Ruseve cursed? What do you think about what Road Dogg said?

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