Road Dogg Jesse James gives his apology to Dax Harwood.

Road Dogg issues apology to Dax Harwood

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Road Dogg Jesse James issued an apology to Dax Harwood. Speaking from his own podcast, he said this.

As far as the RAW 25 thing goes, like, I’m sorry. I really am too that I didn’t thank you because I don’t feel like that’s like me. But I also at the same time thought like, well, do you need that? You know what you did. You went out there and you did what you were supposed to do and you did it really well. I didn’t know I needed to thank you and say how great you were in order to get your respect as a human being. But I do apologize for not thanking you and I thank you now publicly for doing that for us.”

Road Dogg, “I have a different idea about pro wrestling. Mine’s the one makes a bunch of money and yours is the one that pleases all the boys.”

Road Dogg continued, “But don’t act like you’re above that, because you were in the ring with a bunch of Hall of Famers, man, and I know you don’t like me, but I was in the ring and I’m a Hall of Famer and I was one of those guys and I’m sorry if that offends you or if I don’t respect the mat enough for you, but I got a different idea about pro wrestling than you do. Mine’s the one that makes a bunch of money and yours is the one that pleases all the boys. I don’t know. Poop in one hand and wish in the other, but we can get past this. We just can’t talk about politics or wrestling with each other, I don’t think, and actually our politics probably aligned too. There’s so many similarities. We’re gonna let this little thing hold us back from, I don’t know?”

Road Dogg states he’d liked to be on Dax’s podcast, “I’d love to be on your podcast. I’d love to have you on my podcast. I think this is an invitation to heal the world, to start with the man in the mirror, and I’m damn sure willing to look at me. Are you willing to look at you? Let’s move forward and let’s get past the gripes of yesterday and make this better and do better as people. If I’ve done something to offend you, like I said earlier, if some of this is mine to own, I own my half. Do you own yours?” 

What do you think? Some fans might feel Road Dogg’s apology is backhanded, would you agree?

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