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Road Dogg doesn’t think Chris Benoit tragedy changed wrestling

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Road Dogg Jesse James was recently asked how much the Chris Benoit tragedy changed the pro wrestling world on his ‘Oh You Didn’t Know podcast. The WWE Hall of Famer addressed the 2007 tragedy by saying:

“I don’t want to comment too much on this, but I don’t think it changed — what did it have to do with wrestling? That honestly would be my question. This was a totally – like, I guess you’re stretching if you’re connecting that to wrestling.”

The effects of the Chris Benoit tragedy are felt to this day

In June 2007, Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their son Daniel were found dead in their home. It was later revealed that the former world champion had killed his family before taking his own life.

James added that the wrestling world indeed became safer after the Benoit tragedy, with more focus on how blows to the head can cause long-term damage.

“It made the culture, or the environment safer. Look, I’m not saying that this horrible incident had to happen so that this could be better, but something positive did come out of it, and I’m so sorry to everybody involved and can’t even fathom the feelings of the family members.”

Benoit remains persona non grata in most pro wrestling circles, including WWE, and his actions will ensure it remains that way for a long time.


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