Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks takes dig at MJF’s heel work

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Ricky Starks clashes with MJF for the latter’s AEW world title later tonight, and the two have worked hard to make the program a success despite minimal time to build it up. The former recently took a shot at the Salt of the Earth’s heel work, calling it ‘lazy’ and adding further fuel to their upcoming clash.

MJF’s refusal to break kayfabe in today’s pro wrestling landscape may have won over fans and pundits, but Starks isn’t having any of it. Speaking to The New York Post recently, he noted that the former’s dedication to his heel work makes it easy for the champ to be “lazy.”

“It’s easier for Max to be lazy. It’s easier for Max in his current position to say, ‘I don’t have to go and visit the kid at the school because he asked me to.’ That’s different from me because I take that responsibility because that person is looking up to me.”

Interestingly, since Ricky Starks also won the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal, their match on Wednesday night will also be for MJF’s Dynamite Diamond Ring. it remains to be seen how the match pans out, but fans are excited to see the two young stars go at it.


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