Ric Flair says Ultimate Warrior shouldn't be in the HOF

“Ric Flair Will Not Wrestle Again” Dont Read The Click Bait

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During an interview with Wrestling Inc, Ric Flair’s son-in-law, Conrad Thompson ruled out the idea of Flair wrestling again.

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but that’s clickbait,” Thompson said. “Anybody who actually listens to the podcast knows that he’s said that tongue-in-cheek, laughing.

Even when he talked about the Rumble, he’s like ‘Somebody reported that I’m going to be at the Rumble. I’m not.

I’m going to be at the 30th Anniversary Raw.’ I am going to be in San Antonio, but I’m doing a signing for Fitterman. But I’ll bring my gear, I’ll bring my robe. Hell yeah, I’ll be number 30.’

Ric Flair wants one more "last match."
Ric Flair said he wants one more “last match.”

It’s a joke. It’s not serious. He’s not really going to be in the Rumble, but I know that gets people talking and it gets people buzzing. But the reality is,

“Ric’s not going to wrestle again.”

The reality is,  Ric Flair will do whatever Ric Flair wants to do.   We can’t control him and he has a terrible drug that he can’t kick,   we here at the website have always said and stood by the view Ric will only be happy if he actually drops dead inside a wrestling ring.  That’s not a shot, that’s not a cruel jab, it’s the reality of how Flair operates.  He needs and craves the daily buzz from the fans.

Ric Flair Still Angry At Eric Bischoff For Interview

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Conrad Thompson revealed that neither he nor Bischoff understood what ticked off Flair. However, he then explained that Flair might have reacted negatively to something Bischoff had said about him during ESPN’s ’30 for 30′ documentary.

“When I asked Eric about it, he didn’t remember what he said in the documentary, but Ric said on the podcast that Eric said something on the documentary that when he saw it back, pissed him off. And that’s not the first time that’s happened.

When Ric saw ’30 for 30,’ the ESPN documentary from five years ago or whatever it was, he was pretty off about that, too, with what some folks had to say.

And so a few people got some nasty text messages, because nobody wants to see or hear or read someone that they know, like, and care about say something that was maybe less than flattering.”



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