Ric Flair is happy that Vince McMahon is back. Are you?

Ric Flair said Vince McMahon should appear on RAW special

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Ric Flair has said that Vince McMahon should appear on the RAW 30th-anniversary special. Flair said this, perhaps not aware of yet of what has transpired. That is with Vince potentially selling WWE to the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Regardless, this is what Ric Flair said, “I’m personally glad he’s back. I don’t begin to know, There’s only a few people that do know, and I’m not one of them.

Ric Flair continues, “I honestly believe that he lives and breathes the business and he just said to himself, ‘I own all this stuff. It’s mine. I built it. I want back in’, and I don’t blame him. Thirty years of being on TV on RAW. Think about that. Thirty years. I mean, it’s unbelievable. I hope he walks out that door in Philadelphia, busts the door open, stands there, and struts down that aisle and says, ‘I’m back.’ The place would go crazy. I guarantee it. That will be a rating.”

It could be a rating, but it could also be a backlash. No one on Twitter whatsoever seems very happy with Vince’s decision regarding Saudi Arabia, if confirmed. Nor do many people seem to be happy with Stephanie McMahon stepping down. Ric Flair might be right, or he might not. What are your thoughts?

Some fans might say the comments by Ric Flair are in poor taste, with poor timing. What do you think?

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