Ric Flair made national headlines after Dark Side of the Ring detailed the Plane Ride incident

Ric Flair once wore a dress to rib a fellow wrestler

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Ric Flair in a dress!  As we now know stories are as legendary as they are notorious, and we seem to hear new ones disclosed almost weekly.

Another such story was recently shared by Blackjack Mulligan, who recalled working and having fun with the WCW icon in the NWA during a MidAtlanticWrestling.net interview.

Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan from their time in Mid Atlantic Wrestling In a dress
Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan from their time in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling

During the chat, Mulligan detailed the time he convinced Flair to wear a dress to play a practical joke on a friend.

“One night Ric and I were at the Hilton in Raleigh. I talked Ric into dressing up like a girl. Flair comes into the bar…we’re pulling a rib on a little buddy of ours who we loved, named ‘Dynamite’ Jack Evans. He was a good little worker there…

Anyway, he was always with one of us. He was our side guy…he did the driving for us and the dirty work. But that let him stay in the territory. Dynamite Jack was our guy…with Ric and I there was always a big fight as to who was going to get Dynamite Jack.

I told Dynamite Jack, I said, ‘I got me a new girlfriend.’ And he said, ‘Really, Jack?’ Now keep in mind, Dynamite Jack couldn’t see too well…he had these big thick glasses (laughing) So, I talk Flair into dressing up like a girl. He puts this wig and this dress on, and he comes on into the bar at the Hilton there. And Flair’s sitting on my lap…

(laughing hard) Dynamite Jack reaches over to Angelo Mosca and says, ‘HOLY MOLY, THAT MULLY HAS ONE UGLY BROAD WITH HIM TONIGHT…LOOK AT THE NOSE ON HER!’ (everybody laughs hard) Dynamite Jack couldn’t see…and he was drunk too! (everybody still laughing).”

Flair may not be the most popular person in pro wrestling today for all his antics, but such stories coming out give us an insight into his life during his peak and the pro wrestling business as a whole.


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