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Ric Flair is Pi$$ed At Jim Ross Latest Outbursts

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Ric Flair and Jim Ross, both members of the WWE Hall of Fame and considered the GOATs in their respective sports, have known and collaborated with one another for many years.

Unfortunately, due to JR’s participation in the “Plane Ride from Hell” episode of the television show “Dark Side of the Ring,” where the AEW commentator had a lot to say about Ric Flair’s behavior during the historic event, their relationship has deteriorated recently.

The Nature Boy attacked the AEW pundit verbally on the most recent episode of his podcast, To Be The Man. In response to inquiries on recent remarks made by Jim Ross against John Laurinaitis, a WWE executive, Flair stated,



“I know them both about the same. Jim Ross lost every bit of credibility with me in life, in spite of calling me the greatest wrestler of all time or whatever other bullsh*t, when he jumped on The Dark Side of Wrestling because all he is starving for and leaning on life is to be relevant because he ain’t.”

Referencing an incident involving Jerry Lawler, he added,

“So I can forgive Jim Ross for Dark Side of Wrestling, which I have, because it’s not worth it, but I don’t appreciate it. Jerry Lawler texted me, I don’t know how he goes, he said, ‘What the f**k did Ross mean that you got to know when to walk away from Ric Flair?’ Well, WWE learned when to walk away from Jim Ross. I’m going to the 30th reunion. Do you think he is?”

What do you make Flair’s recent comments on Jim Ross? Has their relationship been damaged beyond repair? Let us know in the comments section below.


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