Ric Flair says that Scott Steiner was never drug tested in WCW.

Ric Flair claims Scott Steiner never took a drug test in WCW

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Ric Flair on his podcast this week, claimed that Scott Steiner never took a drug test. The statement came in what could be seen as a rant about Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair was highlighting people that Eric should have gone after.

This is what Ric Flair said, “I’ve heard that figure, why he [Bischoff] chose me to make an example of rather than someone like Scott Steiner, or the guy that didn’t go to take drug tests, or why guys didn’t show up for house shows. Why pick me? And Scott Steiner is not the only one that didn’t take a drug test. They [WCW] just said, no. That was the worst wellness program ever installed in any company. I was there. I watched them walk in and out.”

While always a big man, Steiner has been seen as jacked beyond reasonable possibility. Scott Steiner has denied steroid use for years. Eric Bischoff has stated he wasn’t part of any drug testing protocol to determine whether or not Scott Steiner, or anyone else was using.

Arn Anderson addressed the change in an interview year ago, regarding Scott in WCW. “Now, when Scott became Big Poppa Pump, he was unrecognizable. I’d never seen a guy transform his body – he had huge arms and was in great shape when he was young, but he looked like a guy that could’ve went on the stage without any prior experience and won Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding.”

Ric Flair alleges Scott was using. Do you think he was?

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