Rhea Ripley wins the Women's Royal Rumble. Who will she face at WrestleMania?

Rhea Ripley wins women’s Royal Rumble

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Rhea Ripley came in at number 1 and went bell to bell to win the whole thing. Unlike GUNTHER, who was the last eliminated. Her last remaining foe was Liv Morgan, who came out at number 2. It was an incredible match from start to finish, with lots of performances for everyone all around.

The question is, who does Rhea Ripley challenge? With Cody’s victory, it’s pretty much Roman Reigns unless they split the titles. She could face Bianca Belair, who came off of her successful title defense against Alexa Bliss. They haven’t really faced each other yet, and Bianca is on RAW. If they wanted to keep her on RAW, that might be the choice.

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However, there is Charlotte Flair. Back in 2020, Charlotte won the women’s royal rumble and took the NXT women’s title from Rhea Ripley. Charlotte would take the title from Rhea again, this time the RAW title, in 2021. They have a history, and some might call for a revenge match. Rhea to finally avenge her losses at the biggest stage of them all.

Whatever the case might be, Rhea Ripley has been a building star for months. She’s battled up against men and women throughout. It would seem that WWE has finally decided that Rhea is the one to lead the women’s division in the future. After the year of her WWE career, it might be time for her to be champion again.

What do you think? Are you ready for Rhea Ripley to run the women’s division?

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