Rhea Ripley should be the one to end Ronda Rousey's title run.

Rhea Ripley should be the one to beat Ronda Rousey

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Rhea Ripley should be the one to beat Ronda Rousey. Rhea is a rising star with massive potential and could very well be the future of the women’s division in WWE. At age 26, she is younger than all four members of the horsewomen, and both women’s champions as well.

At the top level, Rhea aged 26, offers enormous upward potential for her career. She could be here in WWE leading the division long after Charlotte and Becky Lynch depart the company. It may well be time to start building that future now.

As part of Judgment Day, she is constantly in a position where she roughs up many of the male wrestlers. She’s been presented as a modern-day Chyna, but one with considerably more skill than the original. Rhea Ripley is a metaphorical bomb getting ready to be dropped into the women’s division.

If they are looking for someone to end Ronda’s 3rd title reign in WWE, and they don’t want it to be a horsewoman, then Rhea Ripley may be the one. She is a former NXT women’s champion. NXT UK Women’s champ, and a RAW women’s champion. Her star has perhaps only just begun to rise.

The question is, will WWE head in this direction? Will they get behind Rhea Ripley in this manner?

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