Rey Mysterio teases announcement that will "change the history" of his career

Rey Mysterio teases announcement that will “change the history” of his career

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Rey Mysterio moved to RAW in the recent WWE Draft
Rey Mysterio moved to RAW in the recent WWE Draft

Rey Mysterio hasn’t had too much of a break in WWE in the past couple of years. He has found himself in important spots on television, primarily with his son Dominik Mysterio. However, he posted on Twitter about something that could be the biggest highlight of his year.

The legend has had an interesting return run in WWE since 2018. 2020 onwards has been more about Rey introducing his son Dominik to WWE television, and they have been paired together ever since.

However, it’s not known if Dominik Mysterio is involved in the upcoming announcement. Rey Mysterio took to Twitter to tease an announcement for December 9th – one that he claims will change the history of his career and legacy:

December 9, 2021 Remember that date!
I’ll reveal some very exciting news that will change the history of Rey Mysterio. More details coming soon!

It’s hard to speculate what it could be at this point, but some comments on Twitter have guessed at the possibility of him being a cover star for a WWE 2K game. Perhaps this is due to the recent reports about 2K and their focus on putting out the best game possible.

Fightful select reported that even recently-released WWE stars were brought in for motion capture scans:

“One of the sources Fightful spoke with told the site that they, personally, had been brought in “several times” to do motion capture scans for the title. There were also two additional scans performed – one facial scan and then another body scan specifically for tattoos, provided the performer had any, to make sure they were accurate (and to, presumably, make sure there weren’t any copyright issues with them).”

What direction is Rey Mysterio headed on RAW?

Spoke with a source at WWE.

The breakup and feud is happening soon

After an enjoyable stint on SmackDown, Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik are both back on RAW. They remain in the tag team division, competing for an opportunity at the red brand’s tag team titles.

However, a report from Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast revealed that WWE has set the wheels in motion for a break-up angle between father and son.

This isn’t surprising given that the duo have faced several losses and issues in the last few months on-screen, and the seeds seem to have been planted for their inevitable split.


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