Renee Paquette speaks on why she choose to come back to wrestling

Renee Paquette reveals more details about her AEW contract

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Renee Paquette recently spoke with Richard Deitsch on the Sports Media podcast, discussing her journey from WWE to AEW and other aspects of her professional life. She also revealed that she signed two contacts with AEW during the course of the chat:

“I have a three-year deal with AEW. I have three years as a talent and then also a three-year producer contact, so I have two different contracts.”

Regarding returning to wrestling after her time doing video content for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Canadian said:

“I feel like in the last two years, so it’s been over two years now since I’ve left WWE, and since I left WWE, you know, I was like planting these little seeds and kind of watering them and seeing what was going to grow, what needs a little love and all that between doing my podcast. You know, I feel like I do so many different jobs here and there, and it’s kept me very busy, and it’s been awesome. It’s been super fulfilling. But there was still that part of me, like, I just never felt like I really left the wrestling world. I left the world of WWE to a degree. I mean, I’m still friends with tons of people there. I’m still like, you know, I kind of keep my eye on what’s going on over there, but there’s something about being in the pro wrestling world that I don’t even think I realized how much I was missing it.”

“I still got to scratch that itch to a degree by doing my podcast, The Sessions, having wrestlers getting to tell their stories and getting to feel like I was still getting that hangout experience of like hanging out backstage with people and just getting to see like what’s going on with their week, how their life is going, all that stuff. So to be able to bring that into podcast form was great, but I really missed the TV aspect.”

Renee Paquette continued . . .

“I loved for the last two years while the world was turned upside down that I was able to stay busy and stay working and work from home. I have my daughter, like all those great things, but I’m a TV person. That’s where I got my start in the business. It is like my true love in terms of my work. The more I kind of was looking at it and just saw what AEW is doing, and what the opportunities were looking like there, realizing that really was a great landing place for me. During my time in WWE, I gained such invaluable experience. There are so many different things that I learned from being there that I think really set me up for my career and kind of whatever else was going to happen after WWE.”

“So now to be in AEW and have earned all of this information and experience, it’s really cool to be working for a company where I can truly utilize all of those skills, whether it’s me doing Interviews, who knows how shows are going to expand in the next little while. I would love for there to be some more kickoff shows, some stuff that I can truly host. I love doing interviews, and I love getting to do that, but I think my bread and butter, my true skill, is hosting different shows and whatnot. So I really hope that’s something that I get to do with AEW down the line. Even to be able to help produce stuff, I don’t even think I realized how much I was able to really take in working with the best of the best to now being able to apply that in AEW. So yeah, being able to put on that producer hat is something that was a very nice shiny object to me, to be able to just kind of flex in that area a little bit, too. It’s been really cool.”

Renee Paquette would love to see her character evolve on AEW TV:

“I would love for that role to evolve. You know, I think the thing with AEW, it is a wrestling company, and it is a match-heavy show. It’s not necessarily as much about the broadcast in the way that WWE was. It’s more so about these great matches and showcasing talent in a different way.

That being said, though, I mean, yeah, I love, like, I always say I love doing those interviews. I love doing backstage interviews. They’re really fun for me, especially when I can work with some younger talent that maybe has not been in that kind of situation before. I mean, there are so many people that I’m dying to do proper sit-down interviews with.

I want to spend some real time with somebody and like, really unpeel some of those layers and figure out who some of these characters are to try to push some of those stories forward to give some context to fans who some of these wrestlers are. Even though some of these wrestlers are like these world-renowned stars, if you’re a casual fan, you might not know who everybody is, and I would love to provide a little bit more context into who they are, and really get into that stuff. I obviously love doing that with my podcast. So to do that, on the television side is something that I would love to do.”

Renee Paquette is very happy to be back on the TV and back working alongside her husband.


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