Reby Hardy AEW

Reby Hardy Wants To Get A Job With AEW

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Reby Hardy says she would love a speaking role in AEW in a new interview.

Hardy spoke about this topic during a recent interview with Women’s Wrestling Talk, where she expressed how happy she is with creating content on social media, and doesn’t really need to join a company to feel fulfilled, but does still dream of the opportunity. Highlights from the conversation can be found below.

Says she would love to have a speaking role in AEW but isn’t forcing it to happen:

I would never wrestle in AEW. The level of women’s wrestling is way beyond probably where I was when I was actually active and it’s not even fathomable now at this stage in my life. Now, I would love to come on in a speaking role but I feel like if that was going to happen, it would have already happened and I don’t wanna push myself.

How Matt Hardy is constantly being asked by people to get them through the door in AEW:

Matt (Hardy), everybody he’s ever met and even friends of his, constantly asking for jobs. ‘Can I manage you? Can I do this? Can I manage for this whatever run?’ I don’t ever wanna be that person like, oh, bro, get me on TV and everyone’s gonna say, oh, she’s only on TV because of Matt. I’m so past it, I don’t need it. I’d love it but I don’t want it that bad that I’m willing to open myself up to even more criticism for nothing, for existing, for doing something I’d enjoy. I’m good.

Says she is happy sticking to making content on social media:

I’ll stick to my own stupid TikTok, and I’ll talk my talk there. I would love to though and I love what he’s doing with Private Party. Boys from New York. I was like, ‘Of course you’re gonna end up with boys from New York, that’s amazing. You just got it all over on both sides. You can’t get away from us.’

Would you like to see Reby Hardy in AEW?


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