Reason Why AEW Is Returning To The “Impact Zone” In Florida

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On the latest episode of My World, Jeff Jarrett spoke about returning to the former IMPACT Zone in Orlando, FL.

Highlights are below.

Jeff Jarrett on returning to Universal Studios in Orlando:

“I had a little time to reflect, it was really cool on Saturday morning. Flew down to Orlando, how many times have I done that? Getting in the car, going to Universal Studios, and how many times I’ve done that in my life.

Folks will see the outcome in front of the camera, Tuesday night on Dark, me and a gentleman by the name of Satnam Singh, who I found out wears a size 23, 24, 25 shoe. That’s a big foot. Me and Satnam, I make my premiere on Dark. Universal Studios, obviously a long history. It was surreal. It was one of those special moments. From a personal point of view,

I’ll call it my day job with AEW, a lot of exciting things, we’ll talk more about that in 2023. To get the opportunity and see some of the faces. I pulled up to the guard shack, still in the car, and getting my bag out. A gentleman walked over to the car, and I couldn’t see him. The first words he said, ‘Hey, where is Karen?’ I recognized the voice. There were so many faces that I got to see that I hadn’t seen in five years.”

Former AEW talent has criticisms for Dark Jeff Jarrett
Former AEW talent has criticisms for Dark.

On going to Orlando for the first time since 2017:

“The last time I was there was 2017. Folks I’ve been working with since 2005. It’s cool. The parks are still going on. I remember the cool nights in the winter in Orlando.

We had a Dark taping there, and as far as me personally, getting to see all kinds of folks that I hadn’t seen in years and years, it was special. Just a cool experience.

Something that, at this stage in my career, I do not take for granted, and I think we’ve all taken for granted certain things in our lives and you don’t even think about when you’re doing it, but the relationships, we were down there every other week for years.

The relationships we’ve built. They ask about Karen, the kids, and they remember them by name. These are all, not AEW employees, but Universal Studios and freelancers. It was a cool deal.”


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