Raquel Rodriguez wrestling

Raquel Rodriguez on how she got into wrestling

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In a pretty short time, Raquel Rodriguez has made a name for herself in wrestling WWE. She is one of the toughest women wrestlers on the roster in terms of physique and strength.

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She has been pretty much in the main event seen on WWE SmackDown over the past few months and had put up valiant efforts against Ronda Rousey twice. Though she ended up on the losing side, the matches spoke a lot about her potential.

In a recent interview with Dallas Morning News, Rodriguez explained how she got into wrestling. She explained that she was born when her dad was wrestling which wrote her future then and there. 

No, I caught it pretty early on in life. It’s funny, I tell this story all the time. When I was born, when my mom went into labor, they took her to the hospital, but that night my dad had a [wrestling] show to go to – he had a show to work. And I wasn’t coming that fast. So you know, the doctor was like, ‘Ah, you’ll be okay. You know, she’s not going to come for a long time.’ So, he took off to go wrestle, and I came while he was wrestling. So, I think I caught the bug probably on Day 1.

Further in the interview Raquel highlighted that his dad didn’t want her to wrestle.

“But it was really my dad who didn’t want me to wrestle. So, I had to go to school, I had to finish college, I played basketball, which I love, too. But as soon as I graduated, I told my dad, I was like, ‘I did what you wanted. Now, I kind of want to do what I want to do, which is wrestle, and I want to take my chance at it.’ So, he was all for it. And he called everybody else that we know that wrestles and has a ring. And you know, we drove a couple of hours every time, every weekend that we could to train and roll around and get my feet wet in the business and now I’m here. So, I can’t complain about my journey.”

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