QT Marshall Responds To Fans Negative Criticism of Satnam Singh

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QT Marshall was the guest on this week’s Busted Open Radio to talk about his latest movements in AEW and the huge criticism that former NBA star and new AEW star Satnam Singh has come under.

Marshall was quick to jump to Singh’s defense telling fans

“Satnam Singh. He’s one in a billion,” Marshall said. “He was the first-ever Indian-born NBA   draftee from India, and you know, he’s really special. I’m excited that they got him out there, and you know, obviously, I read some of the stuff that people were saying about him.  “Listen, he’s brand new. You’ve gotta give him a chance. I think the best way to put someone out there is, to put him out there with guys with a lot of experience. Nobody knows what he’s going to do. It’s not like he’s going for the World Title right now.”


Marshall went on talking about Singh and Joe’s spot on Dynamite

“He’s probably got an inch or two on Shaq [Shaquille O’Neal],” QT said. “His hands are just huge. I mean, no offense to Samoa Joe, but he’s got a pretty big head and you know, his hands almost covered his whole entire head. It was a pretty cool sight to see.”



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