Kevin Nash spoke on the loss he suffered with his son.

Police Called After Kevin Nash Suicidal Comments

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Earlier this week, wrestling Kevin Nash caused quite a stir when he remarked on his Kliq This podcast that “Time flies when you got a gun in your mouth. I mean — time flies when you’re having fun.” When pushed by co-host Sean Oliver to “not joke” about that, Nash replied, “I can do whatever I want, as long as I leave a note.” The exchange led to more than a bit of concern online, and according to a new report that concern reached all the way to the local authorities.

According to sources from TMZ the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office called Nash after learning about his remarks and even visited him in person to conduct what might be considered a wellness check on the 63-year-old WWE Hall of Famer. And everything seems to be going well because Nash told the authorities that he wouldn’t be harming himself and that everything was good.

Nash has had a challenging few months since his son Tristan passed away from a cardiac arrest brought on by alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Nash, who co-founded Kliq This with Oliver back in July, has used the podcast as a means of expressing his grief. He frequently talks about his son, who collaborated with Nash on the show before he passed away aged only 26 years old,

On top of this he lost his close friend Scott Hall at the tail end of 2022.

All here at the website send our love and best wishes to Kevin during this tough spell and wish him well.

Kevin Nash on the loss of his son


Kevin Nash opened up on his podcast about what he’s feeling at the loss of his son. Tristan Nash suffered cardiac arrest as a result of a seizure on October 20th. This is what Kevin Nash had to say.

“I’m that clown. I’m smiling on the outside, I’m bawling on the outside. I’ve sat here all night and ‘T’ strategically has his chair where it’s like half. I always see half his chair. But when I look in the mirror behind him, I can always see all of him. You know how you want something so bad? He was in my dream the other night, and I woke up and just for a moment was like ‘Oh god, thank you.”

Kevin Nash continued, “Every time we [Him and his wife Tamara] walked by his room, every time he had his door open, we’d just say ‘Hey T,’ So now, his door is open all the time. So we still say it. Every time.”

As a father myself, it’s hard to imagine losing a child. Our condolences continue to go out to Kevin Nash for the loss he is suffering.


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