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Paul Wight Put Loaded Gun To Former Stars Head – Big Story

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Former WWE superstar Rene Dupree recently claimed that during a Tribute to the Troops show in 2004, Big Show (Paul Wight) put a loaded gun to his head. Dupree spoke about the incident on his Cafe de Rene podcast, where he revealed that he had already suffered a broken nose, a concussion, and food poisoning during the trip to Iraq.

Tribute to the Troops shows have been a long-standing tradition in WWE, with several former and current superstars traveling to Afghanistan and Iraq to entertain the United States military soldiers serving overseas. Dupree was one of the many WWE superstars to compete at these events, which were aimed at lifting the spirits of the brave stars who serve the country.

Speaking on the podcast, Dupree recalled that he had initially hesitated to go on the trip, but decided to join the roster for the event. Despite the difficult conditions, Dupree did not find the experience scary, but the incident with Big Show left him feeling uneasy.

“When someone puts a loaded weapon to your f**king head, especially Big Show whose fingers are the size (…) a little bit of pressure there. You don’t stick a gun in someone’s face. So, yeah, did I have fun? No, it sucked,” Dupree said on his podcast.

The revelation by Dupree has shocked WWE fans worldwide, who are expressing their concerns for the well-being of the former superstar. WWE is yet to comment on the incident, but many fans are calling on the company to investigate and take appropriate action.

Dupree’s claim highlights the potential dangers that WWE superstars face while on tour, and raises questions about the measures that are in place to ensure their safety. As of now, it remains unclear whether WWE plans to address the issue, but many fans are hoping that the company takes steps to ensure the safety and well-being of its superstars on future tours.


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