Paul Heyman reveals Roman Reigns' personal motivation in WWE

Paul Heyman reveals Roman Reigns’ personal motivation in WWE

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Paul Heyman revealed Roman Reigns’ motivation behind his current run during a recent interview.

The Tribal Chief’s Wiseman shared his honest thoughts on Big E when he brought up Reigns. While Heyman heaped praise on the WWE Champion, he also took the opportunity to explain the motivating factor behind Roman Reigns’ successful run.

He stated that ever since Reigns returned from his hiatus last year, he constantly strives to be the greatest of all time. According to Heyman, this is the reason why the reigning Universal Champion has been unbeatable since his return on SmackDown.

Although Big E lost his match against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series 2021, Paul Heyman still sees him as the winner.

“I didn’t see that as a loss for Big E,” said Paul Heyman. “I saw it as a magnificent victory. Away from The New Day, all on his own, without anyone else in his corner, Big E stood tall and brought the fight to Roman Reigns.”

“Survivor Series was a demonstrative, declarative statement by Roman Reigns. He is on a level that no one else in sports, entertainment, or sports entertainment can achieve today. Roman Reigns returned after a hiatus [in 2020] to be not only the best today, but the greatest of all-time. That is the motivating factor behind every single moment when he is in front of the public,” he concluded.

Heyman also compared E’s current run to Reigns’ singles run right after the Shield split up in WWE. He believes the current world champion has a promising future ahead of him on RAW.

Will The Rock return to WWE to confront Roman Reigns?

The Brahma Bull recently confirmed that he might have another WWE match left in him. The most recent edition of the Survivor Series also honored the 25th anniversary of his debut with a 25-Man Dual Brand Battle Royal.

Vince McMahon calls Roman Reigns into his office.

The pay-per-view extensively featured a narrative surrounding Cleopatra’s Golden Egg, a prop used in The Rock’s latest movie Red Notice. Vince McMahon said that he received the jewel laded egg as a gift from The Great One and wanted to talk about the same with Roman Reigns.

However, The Tribal Chief was disinterested throughout the conversation and said that his next WWE contract should equal the egg’s worth, $100 million. Many believed that this sowed the seeds of a potential rivalry between him and The Rock if and when the latter returns.

There were also reports claiming that he missed the Survivor Series because of a conflict in his schedule. But fans have been excited to see him face Reigns ever since the latter started calling himself the “head of the table.”

Would you like to see The Rock to WWE for a match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania? Let us know in the comments section below.


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