Paige Vanzant boobs

Paige Vanzant Shows “Boobs” In Revealing Photo Release (PHOTO)

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Paige Vanzant shows boobs in new photo release today.  Paige VanZant has worked hard to establish her personal brand and establish herself as a well-known individual. There is no doubt that she has had a lot of opportunities throughout her time in the UFC. She also enjoys showing off, and she did it once more by setting up another thirst trap.

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After making her professional wrestling debut in AEW last year, Paige VanZant, a former MMA fighter and current Bare Knuckle Boxing competitor, learned professional wrestling techniques rapidly. She has not been on the program since the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view in May, thus it is unsure whether she will appear on AEW television.

Despite initial skepticism from some regarding Paige VanZant’s abilities as a professional wrestler due to her background as a blonde bombshell, she quickly proved her detractors wrong with her skills and performances in the ring.

The blonde bombshell took to her Instagram and uploaded an incredibly breathtaking photo of herself wearing skimpy and futuristic-themed lingerie, which fans certainly loved.

Paige vanzant boobs


Do you like it when Paige Vanzant drops boobs pictures?


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