"Once he matures, he may have that" - Wrestling veteran compares AEW star MJF to legend (Exclusive)

“Once he matures, he may have that” – Wrestling veteran compares AEW star MJF to legend (Exclusive)

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During a recent episode of Sportskeeda UnSKripted, veteran wrestling journalist Bill Apter spoke about AEW sensation MJF.

According to Apter, MJF is currently great on the mic but back in the day, his incredible skills would’ve mattered depending on which territory he would be in.

Apter claimed that Friedman would’ve been too small for WWWF. However, the current AEW star would’ve been great in the National Wrestling Alliance, where he could’ve mixed it up with the likes of Mike Graham, Steve Keirn, Jack Brisco and Dory Funk- among other notable names.

“Well he’s good on the mic, but it depends on what territory would he be in. I think he would’ve been too small for the WWWF. He would’ve been very good in the National Wrestling Alliance, wrestling people like Mike Graham, Steve Keirn, Jack Brisco, Dory Funk, yeah.” – said Bill Apter.

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Bill Apter further compared MJF to Nick Bockwinkel, stating that once the AEW star matures, he will be a lot like Bock.

“Oh, he absolutely does but I don’t know if I have that feel like a Bockwinkel because I know Nick Bockwinkel really well. I think, MJF, once he matures he may have that Bockwinkel air about him.” – added Bill Apter.

Check out the latest episode of Sportskeeda UnSKripted:

MJF seems to be on the verge of a feud against CM Punk in AEW

MJF currently seems to have engaged himself in a feud against CM Punk. The AEW star was recently confronted by Punk on Dynamite two weeks ago. Then on this week’s episode, MJF and CM Punk came face-to-face against one another once again.

This time around, the two men were part of an incredible promo segment, which had the entire wrestling fandom talking about the Punk-MJF promo battle.

On the back of a huge win over Darby Allin at AEW Full Gear, MJF could soon find himself in the ring against CM Punk. It will be interesting to see how the story between Punk and MJF plays out going forward.

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