NXT superstar wants to fight Roman Reigns

NXT superstar wants to fight Roman Reigns

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NXT superstar wants to fight Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion

Carmelo Hayes recently spoke to The War Report and declared that he wants to take on Roman Reigns when asked about his plans.

Hayes – though he has only held the North American title for a brief period – has made quite a name for himself with NXT. Being one of the best-known superstars on the brand, Hayes is looking to evolve more by taking up tougher challenges.

Omggg Carmelo Hayes in dark match at #SmackDown https://t.co/P6tZQwJLfR

When asked about the wrestler he wants to face most, Carmelo did not hesitate to give The Tribal Chief’s name.

According to Hayes, the only formula to success is to fight the elite superstars. Carmelo also revealed that he met Roman Reigns once on the blue brand and picks the latter as a man for big moments.

Roman. I feel like that’s the only answer. I feel like, go big or go home. It’s Roman, bro…Yeah, that’s true, bro. He’s that guy, for real. I met him when I did SmackDown. He’s that guy. He’s that guy who you should want to wrestle, because he’s the big money guy. If you think about it, big match, big moments. He’s that guy.”

Xavier Woods hailed Roman Reigns as Mr. Survivor Series

King Xavier Woods was asked to name a superstar who could be called Mr. Survivor Series and he gave Roman Reigns’ name despite their rivalry.

FOX advertising has confirmed Roman Reigns will battle Xavier Woods on this week’s WWE SmackDown cultaholic.com/posts/roman-re…

Woods recalled a prior Survivor Series clash with Roman Reigns to back up his answer. Even though New Day, which Woods was a part of, ended up losing to The Shield, the 35-year-old was all praise for The Tribal Chief.

“Before you even said anything, you knew who I was gonna say, I am gonna say Roman Reigns. What was it? Was it like the first Survivor Series match he was in? He got 900 eliminations even though there were only five people on the team. I was like, “Good Lord!” And then we (New Day) wrestled them at Survivor Series when they were Shield, and they beat us at Survivor Series. So, yeah, at least in the modern-era, it is Roman Reigns,” said King Woods.

Reigns has currently held the Universal Championship for an astounding 450+ days at this point. It will be interesting to see who eventually knocks him off his perch.

Who would be a great ‘surprise opponent’ for WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns? Would Carmelo Hayes make a good challenger for The Tribal Chief? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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