NXT without Mandy Rose, looks very different. How should it be handled?

NXT after Mandy Rose

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There should be no doubt, that Mandy Rose should be considered one of the most important individuals in recent NXT history. She was their champion for 413 days. Mandy led the way of the NXT 2.0 era and drove us into the current form as well. She was rightly considered a highlight in an otherwise turbulent era for the brand. However… that is over.

NXT finds itself with a new champion in the first week of her reign, without the biggest female star for her to work against. Where does the brand go from here?

Fortunately, Roxanne comes as an experienced champion, as she once held the Ring of Honor women’s championship. She also comes packed in with a major feud to her name. That is her foe, Cora Jade. If Mandy Rose had not been fired, it might have been likely that she would have been Roxanne’s opponent in the short term. However, the program between Cora Jade and Roxanne probably has to be setup a lot sooner than likely originally planned.

However, that isn’t the only direction that could be taken. Mandy Rose is gone, but Toxic Attraction is not. It could be very reasonable to set up Roxanne in a feud with former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Two-Time champions, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne. With Mandy’s departure, if the plans were to continue the stable, one of them could assert leadership over the faction and go directly for Roxanne.

What should happen next in the women’s division of NXT?

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