nWo Hero Needs Kidney Transplant Urgently

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After getting through a complicated COVID-19 infection in 2021 now former NWO and Filthy Animals member Konnan has revealed that his battle with health issues continues and he has now been forced onto Kidney dialysis.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported earlier this year:

“Konnan’s health issues coming out of heart surgery are very serious because of the kidney issues that have worsened.  Right now he has two prospective kidney donors but they have to see if he is compatible with one of them. Because his kidneys have weakened there have been complications and he now has to go on dialysis.”

In an update, from journalist Dave Meltzer is actively looking for a kidney donor:

“Konnan, 58, is having significant kidney issues and is looking for a kidney donor.”

Konnan, who already had his first kidney transplant surgery in 2007, used to wrestle for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1996 until 2001.

The Real Life Red and Black nWo split

nwo black and red

Konnan talked about the real-life split between the NWO that led to NWO Black and White and NWO Wolfpac:

“I was backstage so I can tell you first hand. There was a power struggle to get Eric Bishoff’s ear. There was Hall and Nash, and then there was Hogan. It seemed at the end of the day, Eric would always listen to Hogan.

That really started the downfall of, to me, of that whole storyline, and even the company, because there was so much tension behind the scenes Scott Hall, who I thought was brilliant at coming up with ideas, was no longer coming up with ideas, and was drinking.

The worst part is they were starting to shoot on each other. If you go back and look at the old interviews, Hogan was shooting on Nash. Nash was shooting on Hogan.

Nash was shooting on Kevin Sullivan. Roddy Piper was shooting. It was a power struggle for money and for ideas. At the end of the idea, Eric hitched his boat to Hogan, and not to Hall and Nash. To tell you the truth, I’m going to tell you something you won’t believe.



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