"Not been portrayed anywhere near the level of his opponent" – Wrestling legend slams CM Punk's recent match

“Not been portrayed anywhere near the level of his opponent” – Wrestling legend slams CM Punk’s recent match

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Jim Cornette has shared his thoughts on CM Punk‘s recent match against Lee Moriarty that went down on AEW Dynamite last week.

The Straight Edge Superstar has been on a roll since joining AEW a few months ago. Punk is currently entangled in a heated rivalry with MJF. It is unknown when the two stars will face each other in their first-time-ever clash.

In the meantime, the former WWE Superstar is laser-focused on extending his undefeated streak in the singles division, which stands at 8-0 as of last week. His recent win over Lee Moriarty has received critical remarks.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the wrestling manager was unimpressed with Punk’s recent outing against Moriarty. Cornette cited a couple of reasons, notably The Straight Edge Superstar taking much longer to defeat his rival:

“This is the first one I haven’t liked [On CM Punk match against Lee Moriarty]. I think it’s because it was a babyface match. And I think it’s because it went on too long. You can tell the story that Punk is either a slow starter, or he’s still getting back in shape or whatever. Because there’s no animosity here, he’s not really turning it on and trying to hurt this guy, and MJF can make fun of that.”

Although Jim Cornette acknowledges Moriarty as a rising talent, he says the 27-year old hasn’t been portrayed anywhere near the level of a megastar like CM Punk:

“I’m not even indicting Lee Moriarty as a talent, but he has not been portrayed anywhere near the level of his opponent here. And it was too close for too long.”

Cornette further slammed AEW for not rectifying the perception that CM Punk doesn’t have it anymore, considering his recent matches. Even MJF has mocked the 43-year old star by reminding everyone of this fact.

When can fans expect CM Punk and MJF to collide on AEW programming?

Several notable question marks are hanging over the ongoing feud between CM Punk and MJF. One of them is when the two men will face each other in the ring?

With Winter is Coming a little over a week away, the company could look to book a match between the two AEW stars on a special episode. AEW fans can expect clarification over the situation on the upcoming episode of Dynamite.

Do you agree with Jim Cornette’s statement about CM Punk? Sound off in the comments section below.

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