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NJPW Is Still Bettter Than AEW

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Will Ospreay of New Japan (NJPW) has praised his company as the best wrestling promotion, even better than AEW.

Former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Ospreay also held the IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Championship, which he lost to Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

Ospreay expressed nothing but pride for the promotion he considers home when talking about New Japan on The Sessions.

“We all know that AEW is the big fish right now. It’s one of the most incredible promotions going on. But New Japan, in my opinion, is the better wrestling [company.] In terms of in-ring action, we’re the best wrestling going.”

Despite the Pandemic, Ospreay and the New Japan roster attempted to make the best of things by putting on high-quality matches when they had the chance.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Ospreay recalled an emptiness inside him during arguably the heights of his career.

“For the last three years I do feel I’ve been on auto-pilot a little bit. I remember last year’s Wrestle Kingdom, and Great-O-Khan is massaging my shoulders just as I’m about to go out and he goes ‘how are you feeling?’ And I went ‘I feel nothing’ because honestly, it was one of those where even though it was the main event of the Tokyo Dome, it wasn’t the real thing. It wasn’t the real experience.”

Is NJPW a better promotion that AEW?


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