Nikkita Lyons suffers ACL tear!

Nikkita Lyons tears ACL & Menicus

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Nikkita Lyons of NXT announced that she suffered a torn ACL and Meniscus. An injury angle was featured on NXT, which some people thought was a worked storyline. However, she posted on Instagram, that the injury was real.

This is what Nikkita Lyons posted. ACL & Meniscus are torn.🦵🏼This comeback is personal. Thank you to all who consistently show love & genuine support every week. You have no idea how much it means to me. 🌎🦁 Those of you who don’t see the vision, thank you too. Stay ya a** right there. This is just another lesson life needed to teach. 🌻 Love, Light, & Positivity always.”

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Nikkita Lyons was first featured on Women of Wrestling, from 2019 to 2021. However, she made her jump to NXT right in the middle of the NXT 2.0 transition period. Her infamous split drop into a pin, become a meme on the internet very fast. This helped her gain popularity with the fans watching NXT.

This is not the first tear that she has suffered in her career. Nikkita Lyons suffered a partial tear of her MCL back in May of last year. She was back pretty soon, ready to contend for the NXT Women’s championship, but was unable to capture it.

We certainly hope Nikkita Lyons can make a healthy and swift recovery. These kinds of injuries, the variance of how long you might be out, could be months of difference.

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