Claudio comments on William Regal and the future of BCC

Nigel McGuinness Replacement Leader For BCC Downplayed

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While William Regal will be departing All Elite Wrestling in 2023 names such as Nigel McGuinness surfaced and now Wheeler Yuta is optimistic that the Blackpool Combat Club will be just fine without their leader.

During a recent appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Wheeler commented on how the group will change moving forward, the idea of Nigel McGuinness or someone else coming in to replace Regal, and more.

Regal has found a lot of success with the Blackpool Combat Club
Regal found a lot of success with the Blackpool Combat Club

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how the group will change from here:

“I think it’s just gonna evolve a little bit. If anything, it’s refocusing. We’ve been so tied up with the Jericho Appreciation Society that I think we almost forgot what we’re here for and what we’re trying to do, and that’s to set forth our vision of wrestling. It’s to leave our scar and leave our mark on pro wrestling.

Now I think that obviously we no longer have the world championship, but I think that we’re more focused and more hungry than ever. We’re starving. We want that. We want these opportunities, we want that gold. Claudio wants the Ring of Honor World Championship, Mox wants to get his world title back. I think that we’re all very focused and we’re all very hungry. So I’m not sure if the Blackpool Combat Club 2.0 is gonna be all that different, except that it might be a little bit more aggressive, a little bit more vicious, and a little bit more focused.”

On the idea of Nigel McGuinness or someone else coming in to replace Regal:

 “I think that Nigel’s awesome, but I think that we’re probably gonna wind up doing with the BCC is just taking it forward ourselves. We’ve already learned a lot, and now it’s up to those three to continue to help continue to mentor me. You heard Regal say it himself. So I think that is gonna probably be the four of us going from now on, but we’ll see where it ends. I’m certainly not ruling it out.

Like I said, Nigel’s awesome, and I think his style, obviously he’s not active anymore, but his style fit in great with what we were doing. So yeah, I think he’s great. But I think for right now, it’ll be the four of us.”


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