Nick Khan is expected to replace Vince McMahon in WWE - Reports

Nick Khan is expected to replace Vince McMahon in WWE – Reports

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Nick Khan is expected to replace Vince McMahon in WWE - Reports
Nick Khan, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H.

Vince McMahon continues to be a hands-on boss at the age of 76, but there will surely come a time when he will have to step aside from his corporate roles.

In what will surely surprise several fans, Nick Khan has emerged as the most likely candidate to replace Vince McMahon in WWE.

During this week’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about the favorite to takeover Vince McMahon’s WWE position. Meltzer said Nick Khan is the frontrunner.

“It’s kind of a board of directors thing, but you know, probably (Nick Khan replacing Vince McMahon), yeah. Unless they went and hired somebody else from the outside, but probably Nick Khan, yes,” revealed Dave Meltzer.

Nick Khan’s growing influence in Vince McMahon’s WWE

This is Nick Khan. He grew up in Vegas, waited on tables after going to UNLV, put himself through law school, got into the agent biz & became the most powerful agent in sports media. Today he became the CFO of @WWE. Congrats my friend.

Nick Khan has made massive decisions ever since he joined WWE as its President and Chief Revenue Officer in August 2020.

Nick Khan has been responsible for many changes in the WWE, including a revamp of NXT and the call to sanction routine budget cuts.

Vince McMahon is presently the Chairman and CEO of the WWE, and many fans believed for a long time that his successor was bound to come from within the McMahon family.

While Shane and Stephanie McMahon have been obvious choices, many had tipped Triple H to carry the WWE forward after his father-in-law’s retirement eventually.

During WWE’s Q3 earnings call today, Nick Khan was asked about the changes made to NXT 2.0.

Khan says they wanted a younger, fresher, in-ring approach and that they’re working to recruit more people who aren’t necessarily in the wrestling space already as well.

However, the latest revelation hints at WWE possibly going in a different direction regarding the leadership structure at the top.

Nick Khan prioritizes profits and is working towards expanding the financial clout of the WWE. Still, he has also attracted a lot of heat from the wrestling community due to the recent mass releases.

On the other hand, Triple H has been a fan favorite for spearheading the NXT project for years and overseeing the rise of multiple top talents.

Right now, it seems like WWE is buying into Nick Khan’s long-term vision as he is the preferred option to succeed Vince McMahon.

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