News – More Indie Stars Have Penned AEW Contracts This Week

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Many AEW talents have penned contracts with AEW and many fans don’t know this.

In previous weeks, Sean Ross Sapp over at Fightful has reported that Josh Wood’s, Blake Christian and others have signed agreements with All Elite Wrestling and are also appearing on the Ring of Honor brand.

Tonight Fightful Select has confirmed that the former Asher Hale, Anthony Henry, has also signed an agreement with All Elite Wrestling.

At this stage the type of contract that he has not been confirmed or when the signing took place,

Typically, AEW outright “Full-Time deal” with the now famous Tony Khan Tweet though there have been some exceptions. Henry first appeared for AEW in September 2021, but has been appearing fairly regularly since February, including four episodes of AEW Dynamite. Also, he appeared on ROH Death Before Dishonor.

Fightful went on and told us today that talent used since the ROH acquisition that isn’t currently signed by All Elite wrestling. The former Cheesburger, CB, has worked both of the Ring Of Honor dates since Tony Khan bought the company, but we’ve learned he’s a free agent.


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