WWE Sale

New Owners of WWE Could Request Stephanie McMahon To Return Following Sale

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Earlier this year, Vince McMahon made a return to the Board of Directors and resumed his position as Chairman of WWE. His main objective is to sell the company and secure the best deal possible for WWE in anticipation of the upcoming RAW/SmackDown/NXT TV contract negotiations.

Bloomberg reports that Vince is seeking a $9 billion sale price, which is 37% higher than WWE’s current market value of $6.5 billion. Since Vince’s return in January and the news of WWE being up for sale, the stock has increased by 30%.

David Faber of Squawk on the Street reports that WWE’s sale process is currently intense and highly active.


Following this going to CNBC the stock of WWE rose 1.7%


New WWE Owners may want the return of Stephanie McMahon according to a report

Numerous people spoken to by Sean Ross Sapp over at Fightful Select have stated


“There were actually numerous sources related to rumored buyers who said that Stephanie McMahon could be a desired return.

One source at Disney said ‘these companies are doing their due diligence, they’re following the news cycles, regardless of their public levels of interest. They’re aware of the things that would make audiences and staff happy. She seemed to bring a lot of positive to the company. The company’s progression under Nick Khan was also played up.’”



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