New Day are the NXT tag team champions!

New Day are the NXT Tag Champions!

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You read that right, The New Day are the NXT Tag Team champions. They defeated Pretty Deadly tonight on NXT Deadline in an incredible match. The match, which featured a Twerk Off, was a fantastic battle, that was back and forth. However, Kofi and Xavier’s bad 2022 is finally over. They have finally got themselves a major win this year.

What does Shawn Michaels have in mind for the future? Will the New Day be facing a hot heel team? Will they defend the titles on the main roster?

The commentary team pointed out that Kofi Kingston now has more tag team title wins than anyone else, at a personal best of 15. An argument could be made that Kofi is one of the absolute best tag team champions ever.

Some fans probably won’t be happy that New Day won the tag titles. After all, they aren’t up-and-coming wrestlers. They are veterans. But it may be pointed out that winning now, means putting over a young team in a future match.

What do you think? New Day as tag champs in NXT? Where does Pretty Deadly go from here?

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