"Never said that" - Bayley denies a claim made by top female star 

“Never said that” – Bayley denies a claim made by top female star 

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Bayley has taken a major shot at fellow WWE Superstar Io Shirai in her latest tweet.

Bayley is currently on the sidelines due to an injury she suffered while training back in July. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion is quite active on social media and regularly interacts with fellow wrestlers and fans.

In her latest interview with Sports Illustrated, Io Shirai claimed that Bayley wants to have a match with her. The former NXT Women’s Champion added that she would also love to wrestle with The Role Model.

“I also heard Bayley say she wanted to have a match with me, and I would definitely relish my first confrontation with her. If it is a title match, even better,” said Io Shirai.

Bayley noticed a fan’s tweet highlighting Io Shirai’s comment and had an interesting reaction to the same. The Role Model made it clear that she never asked for a match with Io. She then took a shot at Shirai and added that the latter can beg for a match with her all she wants.

@itsBayleyWWE should ask for the match to happen twitter.com/tedbayrose/sta…

@nightwing2525 never said that. She can beg

Bayley vs. Io Shirai would be a clash for the ages

Io Shirai has done quite well for herself in WWE NXT. Years ago, Bayley was a big name on the brand before she was called up to the main roster. Bayley is a former NXT Women’s Champion as well. In addition to that, she has won women’s titles across RAW and SmackDown and is a former Money In The Bank briefcase holder.

After a bit of digging, an old tweet made by Bayley was unearthed, and she did talk about having a match with Io Shirai. She posted a tweet back in early 2021, expressing her desire to wrestle Shirai. Check it out below:

Bayley was clearly having some fun at the Japanese star’s expense and was fully in character while posting the tweet about wanting the latter to beg for a match with her. Shirai has done it all in NXT over the past four years or so. As a result, a main roster call-up might be in store for her in the near future.

Would you like to see these two incredibly talented women square off in the ring somewhere down the line?


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