Molly Holly speaks about her work as a producer in WWE.

Molly Holly on being a producer in WWE

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Former WWE Women’s Champion, Molly Holly commented on her time as a WWE producer. She was recently hired by the company to serve in the job. Producers in WWE often help lay out matches and plan various aspects of the show.

This is what Molly Holly said, “So I do look at it (role as a producer) as I’m the eyes of the casual fan. I’m the person who flips through every now and then to watch so whenever I’m helping with the show, I try to say, ‘Okay, we don’t wanna just cater it to the pocket of people who are super fans and devoted to every week. If someone’s flipping through the channels, maybe for the first time, I want to capture their attention and make them first-time fans, make them life-long fans from just this very first time seeing the show’ so that is something that I think I bring from a casual fan or occasional fan perspective.”

Molly Holly is a 2 time WWE Women’s Champion. She is also one of the few women to have been a WWE Hardcore Champion. She first came to WWE as the female member of the Holly cousins, with Crash Holly and Hardcore Holly. However she separated and for a short time, she was Mighty Holly with The Hurricane.

However, Molly Holly came into her own when she became Women’s Champion in 2002 and again in 2003. She is now a WWE Hall of Famer as well.

Some fans are no doubt glad to see stars like Molly Holly working with today’s wrestling talent.

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