MMA legend names the Rock as the most successful Hollywood star from WWE

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There have been many WWE Superstars who have tried their luck in acting and have also been successful in the same.  Some of the most popular names include the Rock, John Cena, Batista, and the Undertaker.

MMA legend Dan Severn named the Rock the most successful of them all. If we think about some of the best films done by the Brahma Bull, the likes of Black Adam, Red Notice, Hercules, and Fast & Furious are some notable names.

Speaking in a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Severn showered praise on the Rock while also mentioning Batista and the Undertaker.

“You look at how many professional wrestlers are good movie stars you’ve got. I mean, The Rock will be the best though. Dave Batista has done really well with what he’s done. You’ve got The Undertaker been in different movies. There’s a number of different professional wrestlers both male and female.”

Further in the interview, he pointed out the commonness between acting and wrestling.

“They’ve been in all kind of movies because they understand how to take up a role. The three basic ingredients are facial expression, body language, and audio. That’s what professionals are,” added Dan Severn. 

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